Rolex has had many interesting collaborations and themes when it comes to their collection some being received more than other. One of the most successful collections is the Oyster Submariner, a watch that is specially designed for divers, a watch that celebrates Rolex’s passion for the water world.
The watch has a 40 mm case, making it a perfect size for any wrist, big or small. It is finished with an impeccable stainless steel and can come with several dial colors. It is considered one of the best diver watches in history not only due to its amazing technical features and endurance, but also because it is a beautiful watch, one that became popular even with people who never used the watch while diving.
The watch has a 60 year history, appearing for the first time in the early 1950’s. It was the first water-resistant watch to be able to withstand dives to depths of 100 meters. Since that time, Rolex has greatly improved the technology and materials behind the watch, creating a more durable watch that can reach depths of over 300 meters. However, in this case it isn’t the technical qualities that made the Submariner such a huge success. The simple elegance and beautiful design are the key features that made it one of the most beloved watches ever released by Rolex.

One of the most popular Rolex watches is the Submariner 116610ln. Although the aesthetic differences are not that big, this newer Submariner version delights our sight with cleaner, sleeker details, shapes and an innovative ceramic bezel that consolidates the beauty and robustness of this flawless timepiece. I know I usually say this a lot, but I adore this swiss replica watches. There are many great models out there, but it is hard to top the beauty of a Rolex Submariner 116610ln. I have always wanted to own one and recently I got my hands on my very own replica of this fabulous timepiece. Want to know what I think of it? Continue reading and you will soon find out.

Usually when we talk about the design of a watch we mainly refer to the dial as this is the part that has the most aesthetic details and particularities. It is the part that concentrates the features that make the watch unique and special. And the things that make this model so distinctive are the raised rounded luminescent hour markers, the large triangle at 12 o’clock and the baton hour markers at 9 and 6 o’clock- all of these are made from the same ‘glow in the dark’ material. As minutes indexes the watch has discrete white graduations. The seconds, minutes and hour markers are also particularly elegant as they come with luminescent design touches that augment visibility in the dark and high functionality in any weather conditions. After all, let’s not forget that the Submariner is originally a diver’s watch and being able to tell the time under water and in the darkest environments is crucial for its usability and personality. Another important detail on the dial is the wording and I have to say that my imitation has the correct writing at 12 o’clock which says “ROLEX OYSTER PERPETUAL DATE” and is decorated with the iconic Rolex crown. At 6 o’clock there is the “SUBMARINER 1000 ft=300m SUPERLATIVE CHRONOMETER OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED” written on four rows. The size and font appear to be the same as on the genuine product.

Rolex imitation watch dial markings
The Rolex Submariner 116610ln comes with a unique and revolutionary 3135 manufacture Rolex mechanism. This perpetual, mechanical, self-winding movement has a -2/+2 sec/day precision and offers the following functions- center hour, minutes, seconds, instantaneous date with rapid setting as well as stop-seconds for precise time setting. The perfection and revolutionary sense of the movement is complemented by the bidirectional self-winding via Perpetual rotor, the paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring and the 48 hours power reserve. Considering all these, I think we can get a pretty good idea of why Rolex watches are so appreciated for their complexity and superior functionality. Of course, my replica Sub doesn’t come with the same superior movement, but it still has a very good automatic mechanism. Equipped with a 21 jewels Japanese Miyota automatic movement, this imitation offers the same functions including the date feature and improved accuracy. I am overall very happy with the way it keeps time.

The Rolex Submariner is notorious for its Oyster flat three-piece links bracelet. It is a considerably robust stainless steel band that is perfected by a very easy to use and comfortable folding safety clasp fitted with a Glidelock extension system. After all, a Rolex bracelet isn’t just a bracelet. It is a piece of art that completes the look and value of the exact replica watches. After wearing my replica Sub for a couple of weeks now, I must say that it feels very authentic and sturdy on the wrist. And even though the watch is made of solid stainless steel and it comes with a large case, the bracelet distributes the weight perfectly so in the end it feels naturally and comfortable.

Of course, nothing is perfect and certainly my replica of the Rolex Submariner 116610ln is no exception. But I am overall quite happy with its quality and looks considering that it only costs a couple hundred dollars. The original one costs a small fortune and aesthetically there are not that many differences between the two of them. So unless you don’t have too much money on your hands, I couldn’t find one good reason for buying the real thing over the imitation.

Such a beautiful watch with such a rich history is bound to come with a hefty price tag. This can make it hard for some people to purchase the watch. A replica is a great alternative for the watch enthusiast that was charmed by the Submariner’s looks and history, especially if it is a quality replica.
Black Submariner Replica (5)
Here we have two watches that will challenge even the best of Rolex experts when it comes to telling them apart. The details on the replica are so precise that there is basically nothing to distinguish it from the original watch other than the highly reduced price tag.

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